Jammu’s municipal confines enhanced

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/13/2018 10:39:00 AM Front Page

Niabat-wise areas
Muthi: 18
Gool: 8
Bahoo: 5
Digiana: 3
Sidra: 3
JAMMU: Aimed at accelerating the pace of development, besides developing modern housing and urban facilities, the Municipal limits of the Jammu city have been increased with the inclusion of as many as 37 areas belonging to different constituencies.

The areas which have been included are Deeli, Bhour, Gadigarh in Digiana Niabat, Rangoora, Dhawara, Majeen in Sidhra Niabat, Chakrattnoo, Chakjhalloo, Kaluchak, Sunjwan, Chowaddi in Bahoo Niabat. Similarly, in Muthi Niabat Dharmal, Muthi, Rakna-Nagbani, Akalpur, Sangrampur, Chalkpatyal, Gangwal, Thekrik Khanie, Panyal, Pattoli, Berhmna, Machallya, Shahzadpur Bubba Ganiya, Chalkdurgoo, Thathar, Barnale, Gajsalpura, Gudda Berhamma have also been added.

In Gool Niabat, Chakpouni Wand, Waziran, Chakpouni Wand Brahmana, Sehora, Chak Gulami, Trilokpur, Kharian and Chak Sardar Atta Singh have also been included in the new initiative of extending the municipal limits of the Jammu City.

The Minister for Housing and Urban Development Sat Sharma who was keen to ensure that the developmental initiatives in housing and urban sector should also include various new areas which are in the catchment of the Jammu city and are touching its municipal limits has remained instrumental in the process.

The Minister said that the initiative, which was long pending demand of the people living in these areas would ensure the extension of new initiatives being taken in the housing and urban development sector to accelerate the sustained development of these by providing them with the modern living and Urban facilities at par with the other more developed areas of the state and the country as well.
He said that ever since the present government has come into existence it has been its endeavour to give a fillip to the developmental programmes which would further result in the socio economic transformation of these areas and the state as a whole.

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