‘Et tu Karnataka’, Omar chides Cong

TNN Bureau. Updated: 5/16/2018 10:11:05 AM Front Page

JAMMU: National Conference leader Omar Abdullah today used a Latin phrase, made famous by William Shakespeare in "Julius Caesar" to connote betrayal, to express his surprise over the election results in Karnataka. ‘

"Et tu #Karnataka", Omar tweeted as the trends of counting of votes showed BJP emerging as the single largest party in the state assembly elections with the possibility of getting a simple majority.

'Et tu' is a Latin phrase meaning "even you". In the play, Roman dictator Julius Caesar's last words are "Et tu Brute, Then fall Caesar" as he is assassinated by his friend Marcus Junius Brutus and other conspirators.

Omar was also quick to chide Congress leaders for blaming EVMs for its imminent defeat in the polls.

"Please save this tweet for future reference. If I win it was all my charm & hard work. If I lose it's all down to those blasted EVMs," the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said.

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