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Samreen Kaur

Tomorrow, on 12th April, 2018 the three finalists the finalists of FBB Femina Miss India, Jammu and Kashmir, Deepshikha Sharma, Malika Kapoor and Samreen Kour, will proceed to the North zonal crowning ceremony to be held in Delhi at The Leela Kempinski ambience and Convention centre.

There, the most deserving candidate from each of the 8 states i.e. Miss India Madhya Pradesh, Miss India Jammu & Kashmir, Miss India Uttarkhand, Miss India Haryana, Miss India Punjab, Miss India Himachal Pradesh, Miss India Uttar Pradesh and Miss India Delhi will be selected who will further represent their state at the grand finale which is going to be held in Mumbai, later in June.

Are you all looking forward to the announcement of Miss FBB Femina Miss India, Jammu and Kashmir?

As you know, 'We The Women' is bringing for you in brief about the finalists of FBB Femina Miss India, Jammu and Kashmir, Deepshikha Sharma, Malika Kapoor and Samreen Kour. In no special order, we had brought for you excerpts from our candid conversation with Deepshikha Sharma and Malika Kapoor over the last two weeks. This week we have brought for you piece of mind of Samreen Kaur.

Yet in her teens, Samreen Kaur has done a lot to prove her mettle. After doing exceptionally well in her school, this 18-year-old girl has managed to bag a seat for herself in the prestigious Symbiosis International University, Pune. Coming from a family of academicians, it was but expected from her, but she certainly has something more, something intriguing about her persona that makes people want to know more about her.

In a candid chat, Samreen opened up with Akriti Jamwal, giving insight about her vibrant personality. Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

When did the idea to participate inn 'Femina Miss India' become concrete?

I think every little girl aspires to wear the perfectly designed gown and the most precious sparkling crown on her head. As I grew up, I thought of realizing my childhood dream into reality and doing something I really love, so I decided walking towards my dreams which is the most coveted title of Femina Miss India. I intend to put in all my efforts with sincerity and dedication.

What exactly has changed after becoming one of the finalists for 'Miss Jammu and Kashmir'?

I am the same girl but what really touchedme are the appreciation, love and encouragement that I have received from my family, friends and all the well wishers. All the attention and concern made me feel elated.

But I am as grounded as ever and pray to god to help me realize my dreams.

Looking back at your life how did it shaped up your personality?

I am still too young and it's a long way to go. My parents have always been my pillars of strength and have always encouraged me to do what I like. Even my brother motivates me in his own little ways. I come from a family which values education and spirituality and these two forces will always empower me as I grow up to be a powerful woman. My maternal grandfather, who's from an army background has developed in me a vision to become an achiever in whichever field I have an interest in rather than trying to do what the peer forces you to do.

Some might think that may be you were born like this, with all the beauty and the jazz. Would you shed some light on your routine as well as efforts it takes?

Everyone is as beautiful as they think they are. Though following a healthy routine is a pathway to your goals and peace of mind. I don't follow a very rigid or different routine but I'd like to share the key notes to a healthy lifestyle according to me. I make sure that I keep myself hydrated all the time, get a good night's sleep daily and keep my body away from toxins. I believe your skin and your body is something what's going to be with you till the end, so taking care of it is the most important. And well, how can I forget to mention the role of a happy soul and a wide smile on your face. That's what I think makes a person beautiful.

What is beauty for you? What basic qualities as per you, are required to be crowned in a Beauty Pageant?

Although it may sound clichéd but "Beauty" is not just about the physical appearance. A person's looks are indeed a gift of god almighty but add to it, humility, compassion, confidence, service to humanity and you become well equipped to change the world.

Basic qualities to win this pageant according to me are charm, grace, confidence, zeal to win and last but not the least, humility and willingness to be of service to the needy in whatever capacity you can.

What according to you have been your major achievements so far, both personal and otherwise?

To begin with, I am too young. My major achievement has been my outstanding performance in 10+2 exams and cracking an exam to get enrolled in such a reputed college as Symbiosis.

Being selected among the top three girls from J&K in FBB Femina Miss India is an achievement too and a moment I'll cherish forever.

"You are the most humble, grounded and mature 18 years old I've ever met" is the most cherished compliment I've ever received.

What is your ideology behind your professional and personal life? What is that one thing that keeps you moving; that makes you do what you are doing?

I aspire to be a woman of substance who not only makes a name for herself but can be of service to humanity as well. My role model, best friend or rather call her the person who has the strongest influence upon me, is my mother. She's a professor and my father is a businessman. Coming from a family with most of us being academicians, it has ingrained high values in me. I love to be with children as they are innocent and so untouched by the corrupted world; may be that's why I'm so close to my brother who just turned 7. Moments spent with him are blissful.

What's next? Where should we expect you few years from now; modeling, acting or something else?

Right now, my main focus is to wear that beautiful crown on my head by God's blessings and my hard work and I will do anything possible to be able to earn that with respect and pride no matter how tough will that be. No plans beyond Miss India for now. Just going to give my best in the zonal pageant on the coming 12th so that I make it to the top 30.

Few years from now, I see myself to be done with my education and pursuing what I really aspire to be, a successful model or just being at a platform where I can influence a number of people to do good for the country's future

Any piece of advice for the aspirants?

A very friendly advice to all the aspirants like me who would be planning to participate next year or this year only, is to be yourself, to be the best version of your own true self because that's what's going to take you to heights.

What according to you, is an empowered woman? Your take on Feminism?

According to me an empowered woman is filled with strength and confidence. A woman full of dreams and a zeal to chase them is what I aspire to be as well. Self sufficiency and independence is the key to be a woman with high morals and goals.

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