We must together change narrative

Zafar Choudhary. Updated: 3/9/2018 1:49:30 PM Edit and Opinion

A tumultuous year ended on a gruesomely bad note. At least five soldiers and three militants have been killed in a South Kashmir encounter and one soldier died on the Line of Control.

Nine deaths are a big toll and such a huge loss in any civilized society would trigger a nationwide soul stirring on what is wrong, why this wanton bloodshed.

From the security perspective, particularly in the context of fighting militancy, 2017 was a successful year in which morethan 200 militants were killed.

The street protests were at their lowest ebb, particularly if seen in comparison to what happened last year. In this backdrop, the security-men across the state must have thought of ending the year at a pleasant note, partying, spending time with the families or simply reflecting on things of interest. But militants and their patrons had other designs.

It is a tragedy of enormous proportions that such unpleasant incidents happened on the eve of New Year. Even as it was a highly tragic end to the year but as we move on to step into the New Year, focus should not be lost on the big picture.

All across Jammu and Kashmir everyone lives in a challenging situation and everyone strongly feels that we must come out of this situation at the earliest. Now, the question is that what is needed to be coming out of such situation and who is going to do that. The New Year eve is such an even in one’s life where there are inspirations and attractions of thinking afresh on things and making resolves for doing things better in the future. It is, therefore, a good time to introspect over what is happening and take a line of the decision on what should happen for a better life ahead. As assessed above that people want things changed, it is important for all us to also think that what is that we can contribute individually and what is it that we should expect from the institutions.

Militancy in Jammu and Kashmir is one big challenge that needs institutional efforts by the government at the Centre and in the State and their various agencies to deal with the situation. At the individual level, people can contribute in making of such a situation where militancy fails to survive. We have to create a narrative which defeats the militancy and separatism. This can’t be done social media commentary alone. Everyone should invent a role to defeat the thinking of all sorts which divide us and which attack our peace.

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