Collective Failure: PHQ wants Mishra questioned

Sumit Sharma. Updated: 12/7/2017 1:54:12 AM Front Page

JAMMU: Three days after an IPS officer from Jammu and Kashmir cadre namely Shailendra Mishra, SSP, created flutter by labeling 'Operation All Out' as a ‘collective failure’, the Police Headquarters has reportedly lodged its resentment with the Chief Minister's Secretariat urging to lodge his complaint with the Ministry of Home Affairs.
PHQs tough gesture came just a day after DGP Dr S P Vaid sought an explanation from Mishra who stirred a controversy by publicly questioning the rationale behind the state government's counter-militancy policy in the valley, asserting the problem in the valley is not ‘terrorism.’
Mishra’s remarks had hit social media barely a week after security forces in Kashmir observed the success of 'Operation All Out', under which they eliminated 200 terrorists in the valley.
The IPS officer Shailendra Mishra had questioned its efficacy, calling it the country's ‘collective failure’ in dealing with the violence in strife-torn Kashmir.
Authoritative sources confirmed The News Now about the reports in which PHQ sought explanation from Mishra and wanted him to be questioned for labeling 'Operation All Out' as a ‘collective failure’ on the part of police and Jammu and Kashmir Government.
In a video that was widely circulated in Kashmir, Mishra is heard asking people not to celebrate militant encounters.
“These deaths are a sign of our defeat and collective failure. We need to understand why these youngsters become militants,” Mishra had said in a 10-minute long speech delivered at the function, organized by a Brahmin Forum (Gour Brahmin foundation) in Mumbai which went viral.

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