Smog in Delhi delays 24 trains, 13 flights to Chandigarh

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/14/2017 4:00:22 PM National

New Delhi: With smog continuing to envelope the national capital, almost all trains originating from the New Delhi railway station for the Chandigarh station continued to run late by at least two hours. The situation is not any better for air travellers. As many as 24 trains were delayed on Monday, leaving the passengers stranded at the Chandigarh railway station.

Among the three Shatabdis, the New Delhi-Kalka (12011) was late by over three hours on Monday. Instead of the scheduled time of 11:05am, it arrived here at 2:07pm. For the past five days, the evening Shatabdi, which reaches Chandigarh at 8:40 pm, has been running behind schedule by around two hours. The New Delhi-Una Jan Shatandi was also late by 3 hours and 15 minutes on Monday. Northern Railways officials at the Ambala division said none of the trains originating from Chandigarh was delayed.

The problem is limited to the trains coming from Delhi because of smog, they said. Sumair Jain, a frequent traveller on Shatabdi, said: “It’s a harrowing experience travelling by Shatabdi these days , As Reported By Hindustan Times.

According to the Newspaper,It seems as if we are travelling on a passengers train.” Meanwhile, Kalka Mail (12311) was late by nearly 13 hours while Barmer-Kalka Express (14888) was running late by 4 hours, 42 minutes on Monday. Even the train coming from Ajmer was late by two hours while the one from Lucknow was late by 2 hours, 40 minutes.

Unchahar Express was delayed by 9 hours, 22 minutes, and Himalayan Queen was late by three hours. The air traffic was also disrupted due to smog in Delhi. The arrival of 13 flights was delayed at the Chandigarh airport. Alliance Air’s flight that was to land at 8:25am reached here at 10:44 am.

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