Two Muslim bodies to jointly launch anti-terror campaign

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/14/2017 2:13:19 PM National

Bareilly, Nov 14: Two Muslim organisations, which enjoy large following in the community, have decided to jointly launch a campaign against terrorism, it was reported here on Tuesday.

After holding a meeting of their respective office-bearers, the two organisations, All-India Jamaat Raza-e-Mustafa and Tanzeem Ulema-e-Islam, told the media, “We condemn terrorism and our resolve is to see an end to terrorism.”

The meeting of the two organisations was held under the patronage of Maulana Asad Raza Khan and chaired by Maulana Saeed Noori, chairman of Raza Academy, Mumbai.

They also stated that Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh are indisputably part of India and foreign interference in the two states was “totally unacceptable.”

The meeting discussed the financial, educational and social backwardness of the Muslim community and prepared an agenda that would be presented to the President.

Included in the agenda was the demand for non-interference in Muslim Personal Law.

The meeting also demanded stern action against those who were resorting to violence in the name of ‘love jihad’ and ‘gauraksha’.

The meeting suggested setting up of central madarsa board to look after the running of madarsas and to protect madarsas from being targeted unnecessarily. The board should be allowed to function under the supervision of Muslim intellectuals and intelligentsia.

The two organisations also demanded that as in states such as Delhi, Bengal and Haryana, the waqf board take care of mosque imams’ salaries and other facilities.

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