Forces dominating terrorists in Valley

Zafar Choudhary. Updated: 11/10/2017 11:57:40 AM Edit and Opinion

The anti-terror operations, well synergised and surgical in their precision, appear a continuous project in the South Kashmir. The way top militants are being killed and others being encircled, it looks like first time in many years the security forces have got their acts together. While Police had claimed that over 120 terrorists were killed in past six months in south Kashmir only, the Director General of Police (DGP) Dr S P Vaid on Wednesday made public that 170 terrorists have been gunned down by the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir this year.
His assertion in Wednesday’s presser Operation All Out is so far proving out to be a tremendous success was very much right, more so in the light of the fact that a majority of the top commanders of various terror outfit have been among these 170 terrorists. Even DGP was aware of the significance, as reflected in his words. "I think, roughly, 170 terrorists have been eliminated this year only (in Kashmir). This is a record going by the last ten years. Except 4 to 5 commanders, other top terrorists have been eliminated", he has said.

The eliminated terrorists include Masood Azhar's nephew Tallah Rashid, Jaish-e-Mohammad's Mehmood Bhai, Lashkar-e- Toiba's Abu Dujana and Waseem Shah as well as Burhan Wani's successor Sabzar Ahmad Bhat of the Hizbul Mujahideen. We are noticing numerous encounters in the recent past eliminating terrorists coming from across the border as also from within. There does not seem to be any let up in the offensive spree being relentlessly pursued by the security forces. Purely from the operational point of view as also in dealing with terror incidents, this is a very welcome trend and the rhythm must not be broken.
This is also imperative in light of NIA arrests of Hurriyat separatists and most importantly exposing them for their nefarious links with the Pakistani ISI and money laundering. Large sections of Kashmiri youth are disenchanted with the exposed undesirable activities of the Hurriyat and their children enjoying affluence and luxury while Kashmiris in general are left to cope with huge suffering and abject poverty. In other words, the going is good, or so it seems, and in this backdrop, it would appear advisable to continue operations to cleanse the state of terrorists and their sympathisers. As these multiple operations go on, the government must also be complimented for supplementing them with the peace dialogue process it has initiated in Kashmir, giving emotional solace to the disenchanted sections of society.

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