Reorganization of J&K by establishing ‘Twin States’ is only way out to restore peace---Bhim Singh

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/6/2017 4:07:03 PM Press Release

“Reorganization of the State of J&K is the only solution to ensure delivery of Justice and equity to all residents of the three regions of J&K namely, Ladakh, Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Valley who have remained denied of Justice, equity and rule of law since 1947. The only way is to ensure full protection and security to the residents of all the three regions to start with. Reorganization, so as to establish twin states–‘Kashmir Ghati’ and ‘Jammu Pradesh’ with liberty to the residents of Ladakh to join the Kashmir Valley state or Jammu Pradesh or switch to the status of Union Territory. The residents of ‘POK’ & ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’ should make up their choice when they shall get liberated from Pakistan”.

This was the declaration of J&K National Panthers Party adopted in 2002. Prof. Bhim Singh wish to send this message to all the Members of the Parliament and Political Parties in India to take the message of the NPP straight from its rally being organized in Jammu onNovember 6, 2017.

Prof. Bhim Singh congratulated the leadership of JKNPP and appealed the people of Jammu and Kashmir to support this movement which is the only way out to liberate the people of Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh from the rule of corrupt outdated leadership and suppression and oppression forever. So that the people of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu Pradesh shall live with honour, dignity and enjoy all Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Constitution of India of which they have remained denied for 70 years. This is the message to all the youth and students and civil society so that they join the Jammu Statehood movement on November 6, 2017 from the threshold of the Jammu Secretariat to the Banihal Tunnel the doorway to Kashmir Valley.

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