Ankit Love is the New Leader of the Panthers Party of India

TNN Bureau. Updated: 5/30/2017 11:28:42 AM National

New Delhi, May 30: Ankit Love, 33 today became the new leader of the Panthers Party of India. He replaced his father Prof. Bhim Singh, 75 who had been leader of the political party for over 35 years.

Ankit Love is a MP candidate from the Cities of London and Westminster constituency in the general election scheduled for Thursday, June 8.

The role was first offered to Ankit Love by his father in 2010, in Srinagar, India. Love now took on the role in reaction to the Manchester Arena Attack.

The Panthers Party of India has been organized as a dictatorship since it’s founding in 1982, where the party leader appoints all officers and candidates without the need for internal elections.

The political party was founded by Ankit Love’s Brahmin mother Jay Mala Devi and Prof. Bhim Singh in New Delhi, India. Both are advocates of the Supreme Court of India. Prof. Bhim was previously a professor of international law at the University of Cambridge.

The Panthers Party of India formed part of the coalition government of terror-torn Jammu and Kashmir in 2002. The party at the time had won all seats in the Udhampur district and maintained a majority there till 2015.

Love’s cousin Harsh Dev Singh, 56 is the chairman of the Panthers Party, and was the education minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Love’s cousin Balwant Singh Mankotia, 47 is the president of the party. Love’s cousins are now aggressively campaigning in Jammu for the expulsion of Muslim refugees from India. The Muslim refugees have ties to the LeT and ISIS, and were expelled by the Buddhist government of Myanmar.

Udhampur is the Northern Command headquarters of the Indian Army, and home to one of India’s most active air force bases. India with nearly five million military personnel has one of the world’s largest armies. Love’s father was the MP for Udhampur in the Indian parliament.

Love’s father, Prof. Bhim was illegally imprisoned for 8 years and survived assassination attempts ordered by Islamic terrorist leaders Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah and his son Farooq Abdullah.

Ankit Love now calls on all parties to put aside politics, and present a united front with zero tolerance of the source financiers of Islamic terror, and their business partners.

This includes the King of Saudi Arabia and Emir of Qatar, who have both funded the ISIS, according to leaked emails by Hilary Clinton. Both Saudi and Qatar own substantial assets in London, including Harrods and the Shard.

Love in particular highlighted the Sultan of Brunei, who despite owning the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane was revealed to have funded Al-Qaeda, and had prior knowledge of the 7/7 London Terror Attacks, according to a parliamentary committee. Ankit Love calls for the immediate confiscation of the properties of these Islamic terrorist leaders, and closure of their embassies and seizure of their diplomatic immunity.

The Panthers Party of India, has long campaigned for secular democratic reforms across the Middle East, and for the abolition of all absolutist Islamic monarchies that have been source funders for Islamic terrorists for several decades.

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