Congress, NC Members charge each other with kidnap, murder

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/12/2017 1:49:31 AM Front Page

JAMMU: Noisy scenes were witnessed in the Assembly today as a Congress member slapped a privilege motion against a PDP MLA, with the latter claiming that has been threatenend of murder by the former.
PDP and Congress MLAs also got into verbal duals by resorting to personal attacks on each other.
PDP's Noor Mohammad brought to the notice of the Speaker and said that the Congress MLA Usman Majid threatened to kill and termed him a militant-turned-Ikhwani-turned-politician in the Assembly when the member was not present in the House.
He also demanded security from the Speaker.
As Majid came in the House, he entered into an argument with Noor Mohammad and said that the PDP member has resorted to such allegations against him because he had yesterday filed a privilege motion against him over his controversial remarks.
While several members from PDP stood with Noor Mohammad, Congress members sided with Majid, triggering verbal duals and uproar in the House which continued for over 10-15 minutes disrupting the proceedings.
Majid also levelled several allegations against Mohammad while claiming that he was a militant and later dropped arms to come back to the mainstream as the Kashmir issue was a political problem not of a military problem.
On this, independent MLA Engineer Rashid intervened by asking PDP to clear its stand if Usman Majid was a surrendered militant (Ikhwani), if yes, then why was he a minister in the PDP government in 2002.
After Speaker Kaviner Gupta's intervention, calm was restored in the Assembly.

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