Agencies look at two possible angles in Battal terror attack

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/11/2017 1:41:15 AM Front Page

GREF chief arrives in Jammu


JAMMU: Even as a structural probe as in case of Uri and Nagrota attacks has yet to be initiated, the security and intelligence agencies are looking at two possible angles in the terror strike on a General Reserve Engineering Force formation near Akhnoor in which three labourers were killed.
Meanwhile, the Director General, Border Roads Organisation (BRO) who is also Chief of General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) Suresh Sharma, today arrived in Jammu from New Delhi. Upon his arrival Sharma straightway moved to the Battal area along with Chief Engineer, PK Singh, head of GREF at Jammu to have a on the spot assessment of the situation.
Insights gathered from different agencies suggest that there could be two possible angles to the unusual attack on the GREF which has not been hit much in the past: One of the reasons could be Pakistan's problem with a strategic road that GREF is constructing in this area while another reason could be that terrorists might have come to attack a nearby Army formation but they missed the target and instead ending up attacking GREF.
"As it was first of its kind attack on GREF and if the target was GREF only then it indicates a big strategy of Pakistan to hit construction of roads along International Border and Line of Control (LoC)," said sources. Meanwhile, investigation agencies are also working on a different theory and that is if the GREF was wrongly targeted and real target might be Security Forces. The recoveries found from the spot including empty bottles of inflammable chemical and also a bag having some eatables indicates that a team of BAT from across the LoC had done this. Foot prints have also been traced one and half kilometers away from the spot towards LoC, which is around 2.5 kms.

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