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Akanksha Gupta

They say it takes two to tango and that might just be the case of this cutest couple of the town Himani and Sanat Gupta who owners of "Sanat & Himani", a Jammu based label that creates ensembles inspired by the aura of opulence and elegance. Like their brand, Himani and Sanat is a weird combination of fun and elegance.

Their unique mix of humor, wisdom and love is an inspiration to many. The sweet story of this real two states couple has left me smiling; I hope you enjoy their witty banter as much as I did!

The Introduction

Sanat Gupta: Sanat was born and brought up in Jammu. However after completing schooling here in Jammu, he went outside for higher studies. Sanat completed his Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing from Pearl Academy in Mumbai. After completing his degree, he started a fashion house in Mumbai and tried his hand in acting and modeling as well for long two years but then he came back to Jammu and started his own brand by his own name ‘Sanat’ which became “Sanat & Himani” after he got married to Himani Gaur.

Himani Gupta: Very charming and stunning “Himani Gaur” turned into “Himani Gupta” after getting married to Sanat. A girl from Jaipur who have come all the way to Jammu and got settled here only for the love of her life, which I believe is immense sacrifice to make in itself. She is also the alumni of Pearl Academy and is now the co-owner of “Sanat & Himani”.

The News Now: You both have stayed outside Jammu. What made you come to Jammu and settle down here?

Sanat Gupta: Family pressure and my own will to come back home made me come back here. I have been outside Jammu for more than 15 years. It was quite a fast life and I wanted a break from that. Now that I am in Jammu, I find my life very peaceful. I have all the loved ones around me all the time and it feels great.

Himani Gupta: I had to come here because of my husband but I find this place very beautiful. Initially it was a little difficult for me to adjust because here it is totally different from the life I used to live in Jaipur but gradually with the love I received from my friends and family here I got used to this slow paced but amazing life here in Jammu. One thing that I loved about living here is that people are very cordial and they actually take out time from their busy schedules to see you and that too quite often. This is amazing because in metro people really do not have time to catch up.

TNN: How and when did “Sanat & Himani” meet and how the story started?

SG: We studied in same college but never got to talk or hang out with each other because she was three classes junior to me. However, during her internship days with a designer in Mumbai we met through a mutual friend. We met in a party, started talking. After I came back home from the party I sent her request on facebook and that’s how the story started.

TNN: What made you choose eachother?

SG: Although we have total different tastes, we think in the same direction. We are a very weird combination of perfectly imperfect. According to me, no other girl could be more compatible with me than her and that is why I chose her.

HG: First of all, he is the only decision in my life I have taken not from the way I think. I generally stay in control, I like to be organized, I like to be on time but this man is quite opposite to that. However, I fell in love with him somehow and went with the flow and now I feel happy and proud about it.

TNN: How and when the marriage proposal was made?

SG: We dated for about seven months but I have proposed marriage to her only after two months of going out. When we started going out, I started to write a daily diary because the time was so beautiful that I remember each and every moment of it all my life. Since I was in Mumbai and she was in Jaipur, we never get to meet too much. Phone calls, social media and facetime were surviving our relationship. I had proposed her on the phone call a number of times but she did not take it seriously. One morning when I got up, I told myself that enough said and done, now I will do something to bring her more closer to me so I picked up my stuff and went to Jaipur to propose her. I organized a surprise, decorated a hotel room in Jaipur and when she came there to meet me, I went down on my knee and asked her to marry me.

TNN: Tell me more about your love story. Was there any opposition like in every other love marriages?

HG: Yes ofcourse. Though we kept our relationship secret for very long time and when he proposed I was in a dilemma about what to say. I discussed it with my family and they were not ready to send me so far away. My father did not talk to me for more than a month. But one thing was clear in our head that we will only marry each other with everyone’s blessings. Soon, my father realized that my happiness lies within him and everything got sorted.

Another funny thing that happened to us during this course is when my mother came to me with jewellery and stuff and asked me to run away with Sanat just like the mother in Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge did. However, I did not agree and waited for my father to say yes.

TNN: Give me a glimpse of your normal day?

SG: We both are late risers, I am a little more. He wakes up at 9 then he wakes me up as well. We have breakfast and then come to store. We stay in the store till 7 in the evening then late in the evening is our chilling time. We would probably for a drive or dinner. We may call some friends over for dinner. After this, we watch television till late night and then go to sleep.

TNN: What about the weekends?

HG: Well, Saturday is similar as that of the other weekdays but Sunday is our lazy day. Usually, we do not move out of the house on Sunday. We spend most of the time with our family members and our dog.

TNN: How difficult or easy is it to work with your partner in a same space?

HG: Well, I find it easy because you can communicate easily. For example if there is a point to which one of us do not agree when can easily tell the other person. On the other hand if it is someone else standing in front of me showing something he created, I would hesitate a little while telling him or her that I do not like it.

TNN: What is that characteristic of each other that you most admire?

SG: Sanat is very caring. I was a lazy kind but then she came into my life and made me responsible. Also, she is fun and stays positive all the time. My silver fox sees the silver lining in everything.

HG: I admire him for the little thing he does to make me feel special. He can do anything for my one smile. It bothers him if I am unhappy and this is what I love about him.

TNN: Share one most memorable moment of your life?

SG: HG: Well, it is most funny story of us. During the initials days of our relationships when she used to live in Jaipur and me in Mumbai, I called her one morning and tell her that I am coming to Jaipur to see him but she did not believe as I have faked this thing a number of times before. I told her on phone about the time I will be landing in Jaipur and asked her to pick me up from the airport but she did not come considering it a prank and I left stranded on the airport. After a lot of convincing she finally came at the airport and we finally met after a very long time.

TNN: One thing you do not like about eachother?

Both (in same tone): Not really..Everything is just perfect when we are together.

TNN: What is your favorite thing about being married?

HG: The way we grow together.

SG: My best friend is always around and up for a good time.

TNN: What is your favourite place in Jammu to be together?

SG: Home.

TNN: Where you do see yourself after 5 years?

HG: Here only but more successful and with lots of dogs.

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