Should free Wi-Fi facility be provided to students in Jammu University campus?

Ajaydeep Singh. Updated: 10/29/2016 4:40:47 PM Youth and Career

With new technology making an inroad into the teaching and research fields, no one can deny the fact that technology can be a boon to the learning community. Wi-Fi for instance has a tremendous contribution in the way students connect and access information these days. If there would be an internet connection in colleges and universities, which is connected through Wi-Fi facility, it can also connect to the central server and can be used by students for their project work and preparing seminar presentations. It also helps students to access of e-books, study materials, previous question papers daily circulars, etc through the college local area network. Wi-Fi facility in the institution campus is being considered as a milestone for most of the educational institutions. These days, educational institutions are providing internet and intranet access to all students and staff for instructional purpose at par with colleges internationally. In this digital world everything is accessible on phone so why not then studies as well.

The News Now spoke to a few students of Jammu University to know their views on free WiFi internet facility in the campus.

A student of Sociology Dept
There should be free WiFi facility for the students of Jammu University as such initiatives would surely help various other students who can't afford to buy data packs being expensive. Many research scholars in universities are dependent upon internet for their research development programs. According to me, university of Jammu should understand the importance of free WiFi and must realise the fact that internet is the need of time and it is actually a great help to the students, who have to explore more ideas regarding their research works during their studies. Internet would also allow students to find a place, where they can do their homework close to home and where others can check their email, or even apply for a job.

A student of Environmental Sciences Dept
I don't feel giving Wi-Fi internet facility to the students would be a right decision as many a times they are not using internet in a good sense. I believe that there is a little section of students in the campus, who don't come for taking education or I would say take education seriously as they come for hangout and do fun stuff. If free WiFi facility would be given to the students, it will also encourage other outsiders to come and easily access free internet services in the campus. I also understand that free internet is highly on demand among students these days as it will help them in their education but still in Jammu, the education culture is far different from other States. In such cases students should be more educative and must understand the right usage of internet services. Some Internet sites are objectionable for students as most of the students don't know the concept of using internet properly as they might not be mature enough to deal with free internet services. So, if University of Jammu would ever decide to give free internet services in its campus, it is also essential to educate students about the potential damage of internet and establish rules for secure computing.

A student of History Dept
Internet has become a big need for the people in present times, especially for youngsters. Methods of education have also changed completely and students are more inclined towards internet, which helps them in their studies. I am sure there might be few elements in the university, who may take advantage if university provides free WiFi facility. But there should be a block on social websites like facebook, twitter, Instagram and many others, which can be used for entertainment. There should be special team assigned on the duty that could monitor the use of internet among students and make sure the internet excess is being used for the right purposes. However, we can also say that students, who are studying in universities, are quite mature to understand the importance of internet and would not engage themselves in illegal activities. Being part of educational system and now a senior research analyst in Environmental Science, I can say one thing for sure that internet is now a basic necessity of education and having a WiFi facility is like having one of the essentials at board.

A student of Environmental Sciences Dept
In developed countries, there is a free access of internet in colleges and universities. The trends in education are changing at a fast pace but still liberty of using internet in educational institutions should be restricted in a certain way. Jammu is a very conservative place and internet is something which can be used for various other reasons and can't be in favour of students most of the times. Students should use internet as per their need and shouldn't get indulged in wrong activities. In Jammu, the education culture is far more different from outside. However, for India to emerge as a global knowledge superpower, it is imperative for students to access WiFi across the campus. Internet is must for growth and progress as well. Though Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had already spoken about the digital India campaign and stressed upon the importance of technology in our daily lives and how students can make a great future with the use of internet technology for the countries development.

A student of M.Sc.
Internet is quite familiar term for students and every student in college campus talks about importance of internet and about its free services. But many of them don't know the depth of internet areas such as how it can be useful, when to use, and so on. We all know that Internet facility is an additional benefit for common man to meet his individual, academic or professional need. It provides extensive information for products, courses or whatever is needed. The Internet is a fascinating world to visit. Internet sites put forward entertainment, knowledge, advice, great shopping, and a whole social world. They students may workout several problems visiting Internet website and they can also manage finance. Students can prepare college assignments by collecting information from websites. They must search for authentic information by visiting reputed sites and confirm the literature with standard books otherwise there may be a danger of learning wrong concepts.

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