Nuclear energy could be a boon if used properly

PARVINDER SINGH. Updated: 10/26/2016 12:59:18 PM Ideas and Interaction

JAMMU: Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy strengthen global economy and grant diplomatic and military leverage to countries of any size which possess these. On the other hand, nuclear weapons can cause world annihilation and radioactive pollution. If used, these can cause havoc on the planet leaving behind nothing to survive. While nuclear weapons exist, they can fall into wrong hands also. As the terrorism is globalizing itself and almost the entire world is feeling the danger of terrorist attacks. It may be possible that the terrorists can also lay their hands on nuclear weapons and if God forbid it happens, that day will be the end of mankind on this planet. No Government, or persons, can win a nuclear war and as long as there are nuclear missiles of mass destruction there will always be the risk of someone using them. In this age once the first missile is unleashed there is no telling where it would stop.
To know what they think about the issue, The News Now talked to some Jammuites and recorded their views and opinion in this regard.
Deepak Aggarwal
Using nuclear weapons is not an easy task and the countries having these destructive and dangerous armaments have to think a thousand times before using these weapons. However, this will be the last option for them. I think the chances are bleak because globalization has brought the countries of the world more close to each other. The nuclear weapons are the weapons that destroy everything in the way, they don’t aim. They don’t pick and chose what gets wiped out and what doesn’t, they simply destroy everything. As humans we get into conflicts over petty reasons. However, we still share the same planet equally. So it is morally wrong to use such type of weapons which result only in destruction.
Varun Gupta
Not only nuclear weapons are a great threat to mankind, they are also the ultimate wastage of money. They are not a weapon that can’t be feasibly used. Countries make them on the name of their safety and security wasting a lot of money on their production, maintenance, research and development. Not only the common man has to bear the additional pressure of high tax rates, the money which can be used for the welfare of humanity is spend on creating this monsters. And I don’t think that any country will use nuclear weapon as they know that their enemy can also use these.
Ashish Malhotra
One of the most troubling concerns created by nuclear weapons is the potential health risks created by their use. While there may be a notable amount of deaths caused by the initial explosion, more people will die long and painful deaths as a result of the radiation created by the blast. Cancers, painful tumors, and more will create a generation of individuals who will suffer. While the area hit with a nuclear weapon will be uninhabitable for an extended period of time, the surrounding areas where ever the radiation reaches will also be unsafe.
Harsh Kumar
With nuclear weapons, a country would be far less likely to be attacked by other nations, even if they have a nuclear arsenal. The better a country can defend itself, the more likely that no country will take a risk going against it, resulting in more peacetime. This also makes it easier to work out diplomatic talks because no one really wants to engage in a conflict that would end up with the use of nuclear warheads.
Rohit Sehgal
The greatest disadvantage of nuclear weapons is that they can destroy life on a grand scale if countries engage in nuclear warfare. As long as nuclear weapons exist, human lives will remain under a threat of world annihilation. There is a great potential for human loss when a nuclear war happens. In fact, conflict that brings nuclear weapons into play are dangerous for the entire world, so it is always better to find diplomatic solutions to avoid these wars and the use of any weapon that can cause such devastation. If all the nuclear weapons in the world were abolished we could create a more peaceful environment.

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