Non-migrant minority employees to be posted in safe zone: Div Com

Wajahat Shabir. Updated: 10/13/2021 11:45:43 AM Regional News

SRINAGAR: The administration in Kashmir has directed for identification of the non-migrant minority population in the valley so as to provide an adequate measure of security for them, besides regular interaction will be conducted with so that any apprehension with regard to their security is taken care of.

While at the same time the administration has also directed for adequate security to migrant quota employees including that of Sikhs. The directions were passed after seven civilians, including a renowned pharmacist; a school principal and a teacher were killed in Kashmir.

Reports said that the meeting was held between Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, P K Pole and Deputy Commissioner of all the districts of the valley. The meeting was also attended by the Senior Superintendent of Police of all the police districts of Kashmir.

During the meeting, Divisional Commissioner was apprised that strict vigil has been ensured and the security measures for migrant employees Sikhs, Kashmiri Pandits, and labourers etc. ha been tightened.

Regarding the identification of non-migrant minority population/labourers, the Divisional Commissioner directed that that non migrant minority population viz labourers, &, skilled labourers etc in the district shall be identified and adequate measures of security shall be put in place for them, besides, regular interactions be conducted with them so that any apprehension with regard to their security, is taken care of.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir impressed upon the officers to preferably post these Migrant employees in safe and secure zones instead of far-flung and vulnerable areas for the time being.

With regard to the migrant quota employees, it was directed that accommodation and security of the migrant quota employees, including Sikhs the chair reiterated and directed that adequate security shall be given to them.

In the meeting, it was also decided that full cooperation, logistic support and all the necessary arrangements of security shall be put in place for the protected persons, PRIs, Political Party leaders, minority people, migrant employees etc. Also, it was directed that special meetings shall be conducted with the migrant employees union as well as a non-migrant population so as to create a safe and secured environment and apprehension with regards to security are taken care.

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