Violence in Kashmir

TNN Bureau. Updated: 10/9/2021 11:08:34 AM Edit and Opinion

The security forces in Jammu and Kashmir always have upper hand in militancy. Since the abrogation of Article 370, the security forces have adopted tough mode against the militancy. With objective to eradicate militancy and to create conducive environment for tourists as well as for the development, the security forces killed top commanders of militants and prevented youth from joining the militancy in Kashmir valley. Although, the security forces have upper hand against the militancy but now they are facing new challenges due to the new strategy adopted by the ultras. In the tactics, the militants acting cowardly and targeting unarmed policemen, politicians and civilians. Moreover, in the recent attacks ‘part time- militants’, which do not have previous record were involved. They shot dead civilians, policemen with pistols. This new strategy of militants is posing a new challenge for security forces. Apart from this, spotting of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) after recent attack on Indian Air Force (IAF) station, Jammu has become new headache for security agencies. Ironically, this tactics are not new, the nefarious design keep changing their strategy from time to time to disturb prevailing peace in Jammu and Kashmir. They also adopt new strategy to derail the efforts of government to ensure peace coupled with expeditious development. The government has taken several measures for welfare of people since abrogation of Article 370. The government has introduced several schemes to empower women folk, ensure development in every nook and corner of the Union Territory as well as fast tracked recruitment process. These measures prompted nefarious design to change their strategy to disturb peace. But every efforts of this nefarious design will be failed by security agencies. Our security agencies are well equipped to tackle any kind of situation. The altered security agencies will soon come up with policy to thwart these attempts of disturbing peace. Moreover, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very concerned about Jammu and Kashmir. He will take stern measures to deal to such attempts and will also ensure development as well as welfare of people.

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