Distressed to see news about rioting and violence: Modi on US Capitol clash

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/7/2021 3:39:40 PM World

New Delhi, Jan 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday condemned the storming of the US Capitol building by supporters of outgoing United States President Donald Trump on January 6.

Terming the protests "unlawful", PM Modi said he is "distressed" to see the news and hoped that the transfer of power between President Donald Trump and US President-elect Joe Biden will be peaceful.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was distressed to see news about "rioting and violence" in Washington DC. "Orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue," PM Modi said.

Amid chaotic scenes in Washington, one person was shot dead inside the US Capitol as supporters of US President Donald Trump used "chemical irritants" on police in order to break into the US Capitol in anger over his election defeat.

As per the media reports, an explosive device was also recovered near the US Capitol.

The Capitol building houses the US Congress and is the seat of the legislative branch of the American government.

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