Clean masks with petrol, and 'don't take it as a joke', Philippines President Duterte tells people as Covid cases surge

Agencies. Updated: 7/31/2020 7:21:40 PM World

Manila: Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday once again told the people of his country to disinfect their face masks with petrol, while insisting that he was "not joking", it was reported on Friday.
He had made similar remarks last week, but officials were quick to correct him, and suggested it was a joke, the BBC reported.
Referring to his earlier comments, the President said on Friday: "They (critics) said, 'Duterte's insane'. If I'm insane, you should be the President, not me.
"What I've said was true. If alcohol isn't available, especially for the poor, just go to a gasoline station, and use (gas) to disinfect. I am not joking." Last week, the President had said said those who didn't have cleaning supplies could use gasoline as a disinfectant to clean their masks.
"For people who don't (have Lysol), drench it in gasoline or diesel... just find some gasoline (and) dip your hand (with the mask) in it." A daily high of 3,954 cases was recorded in the Philippines on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases to 89,374. The death toll stood at 1,962.

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