Shops, Petrol pumps got damaged as rainfall trigerred flood

TNN Bureau. Updated: 7/30/2020 4:28:11 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Rainfall triggered flood damages shops, petrol pumps at Vijay Chowk in Bantalab

Monsoon is a season of rain and we commonly know rain will fall.In small towns the rainy season creates havoc as the lanes get flood up easily.Flash flood triggered by heavy rainfall this morning damaged shops, petrol pumps at Vijay Chowk in Bantalab and therefore exposed the tall claims of Jammu Municipal Corporation(JMC).
When the locals of that area were asked about this issue they said, ''a Nallah in the area blocked for years overflew and the water gushed on road and then entered the shops and a petrol pump in the area taking all the silt and stones with it. ''
They also said that even after the rain stopped the Bantalab road remained waterlogged for some hours.
After them Mohan-Lal Manager of the petrol pump spoke, “After the rain stopped we brought some labourers to clear the silt at the petrol pump so that the customers may easily visit the place to fill oil in their vehicles.”
A worker of the wine shop said,“some liquor bottles in his shop broke after the overflowing water from the Nallah entered his shop.”
More people claimed that they have suffered a lot during ongoing pandemic already, now they have to suffer more because of this flood in their area as many essentials of their shops have been damaged.

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