96% prefer govt hospitals for treatment across J&K

SUNIL SHARMA. Updated: 7/29/2020 11:13:28 AM Front Page

JAMMU: Even though the authorities in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are struggling to provide better healthcare facilities to the common man in the government hospitals, but still overall 95.9 percent population in rural areas and 77. 9 percent population has dependence on government hospitals for the treatment.
This has been revealed in the survey conducted by central government organization wherein it has mentioned about hospitalized cases including child birth cases in hospitals across the country.
As per the survey, only 3.6 percent population in J&K UT go to private hospitals for medical treatment due to high cost factor.
In rural areas, 95.4 percent males opt for treatment in government hospitals followed by 3.8 percent in private hospitals and 0.8 percent in Charitable Trust/NGO run hospitals. Similarly, 96.3 percent women in rural areas depend on government hospitals for their medical cases whereas only 3.5 percent prefer private hospitals and 0.2 in Charitable/Trust/NGO run hospitals.
In case of urban areas, the scenario is not much different. Overall 77.9 percent population prefer government hospital for treatment while 21.1 percent in private hospitals and 1 percent in Charitable/Trust/NGO run hospitals.
Break-up wise, 84.8 percent males in urban areas go to government hospitals for treatment followed by 14.8 percent in private hospitals and 0.4 percent in Charitable/Trust/NGO run hospitals. Around 72.3 percent women prefer government hospitals for treatment while 26.2 percent women go to private hospitals and 1.5 percent opt for Chaitable/Trust/NGO run hospitals.
As far as childbirth surgery cases are concerned, people prefer private hospitals over government. Overall 71.6 percent population (both urban and rural) go to private hospitals for childbirth surgeries while only 35.8 percent population opt for government hospitals for the same. Not even a single Charitable/Trust/NGO run hospital is being preferred by population for such critical surgeries in J&K.

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