Cong questions Chinese co in JK smart metering

TNN Bureau. Updated: 7/29/2020 11:08:13 AM Front Page

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Tuesday questioned the government over a Chinese company's engagement in a smart metering project of the Jammu and Kashmir government and demanded answers as to what was the compulsion.

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera alleged that Chinese company Dongfang has received a sub-contract for smart metering of power meters in Jammu and Kashmir and wondered how the power ministry could involve a Chinese firm in such a sensitive area.

"... We want to know, what is the compulsion? Why would the government allow a company like Dongfang to get into Jammu and Srinagar, to get into the electricity power sector, to get into the RF technology area of the power sector. Why? What are your compulsions," he asked at a virtual press conference.

The Congress leader said on the one hand the government is banning Chinese apps, but on the other hand it is allowing something as critical as power consumption data going to the hands of Dongfang, which he claimed is not only reporting to the Chinese Army and the Chinese government, but has close ties with the current establishment of Pakistan.

"These are very critical questions, in a time when our brave jawans are trying to protect our borders in Ladakh. We do not expect the Government to act, the way it is acting," he said.

Khera also alleged that the Chinese company has several question marks around the globe for its integrity and for its proximity and direct control of the Chinese Army and the Chinese government.

"When that company is allowed to enter into a strategic area of a sensitive state like Jammu & Kashmir, then there are question marks, then these are worrying signs," he said.

Khera said Dongfang was even banned by the World Bank for some time.

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