I am exploring the fashionable side of Jammu- Osman Watali

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With an aim is to explore the fashionable side of Jammu and get it on the Fashion Radar, Osman Watali launched the first and only high street brand of Jammu in December 2012. In last 4 years, the brand has become most favourite among the fashion enthusiasts of the city. Every girl of the city who has this crave to be called a fashionista likes to dress herself in W.T.F-ashion dresses. In an interview with The News Now, he discussed his life, love and passion for the store and more,

TNN: Tell us about your life before W.T.F-ashion?

Osman: I had a very simple childhood. I completed my schooling from K.C Public school and then graduated from Jammu University as a law student.

TNN: What brought towards Fashion Business?

Osman: Styling has always been my favourite thing to do. Even as a kid, fashion and creativity always attracted me. The passion I had for fashion and for doing something out of the box became my motivation to start this brand. I started the store with my business partner Sajida Nain who helped me in every step of my life till now.

TNN: Why is your brand called W.T.F-ashion?

Osman: As we all know that social networking sites have revolutionized the whole world and I have this passion for fashion. To quench my thirst, I created a Facebook page called “What the fashion” where I used to post pictures of fashion trends and my styling. It was encouraged by audience and finally I decided to start my store with the same name.

TNN: Who are your target audience?

Osman: Presently, we are just focusing on female fashion trends but in future we are planning to come up with men also. The reason behind this was female fashion industry is very attractive ,there are very occasions in the year where females go for shopping as compared to men.

TNN: Did you participate in any exhibitions?

Osman: Yes, one in April this year in Dubai (UAE).

TNN: What do you like to do in free time?

Osman: I like singing very much. Whenever I got plenty of free time, I sing and record videos for my youtube channel.

TNN: What difficulties and challenges you face launching a brand in Jammu?

Osman: Basically to sustain in market is the biggest challenge and difficulty in today’s scenario .One has to think out of box and modify according to culture of the society and finally you will succeed definitely.

TNN: How you relate past and present fashion trends?

Osman: Fashion repeats itself .Today’s fashion will be repeated again after 4 years like past fashion is now repeated in current trends. Basically it is cycle, so what has been in fashion few years back will come again in fashion. This is how it works.

TNN: Any message to for the young people like you?

Osman: Be focused to your goal. Do not take pressure from anybody. Work hard and ultimately you will reach your success point with good support.

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