Governor urges separatists to participate in peace talks
Exhorts lawmakers to regain lost trust, calls for targeted action by security forces in Valley
TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/3/2018 12:54:10 AM

JAMMU: In the inaugural speech of the budget session, addressed to the joint session of legislators from across the state, Governor N N Vohra has exhorted the lawmakers to work collectively in regaining the lost trust and negating the misgivings in certain sections in the state, while urged the separatists, though indirectly, to join the Kashmir dialogue process which is being carried out by Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma, hoping that new year would bring peace and enable development in Jammu and Kashmir.

Governor underlined that the state government sees 2018 as a year of opportunities and a period for fully exploiting all possible openings and opportunities while also called for tough and targeted actions by the security forces to ensure that the arc of violence does not spread from the fringes to the mainstream, to disrupt the lives in the valley yet again.
In his speech, Governor touched upon a number of issues, besides outlining various achievements of the government.
Addressing the joint session of state legislature in Civil Secretariat on the commencement of Budget session, Governor Vohra on Tuesday emphasised on collective participation of all segments of society, including the separatists, in the dialogue process initiated by the central government by appointing the special representative for negotiated settlement of problems faced by the state.

"The appointment of the Special Representative by the Union Government to hold talks with the people belonging to all shades of opinion is recognition of the concern for widening the constituency of peace and include even those who may have contrary ideological convictions.

He said the government appeals to all those who had earlier refused to be part of the peace process to come forward and accept the special representative for Kashmir's offer for engaging in dialogue.

“The government is hopeful that, soon enough, all segments shall come forward for a dialogue and all issues would find resolution", he said, adding that the challenges will be met only through dialogue, "which is the best means of resolving all problems".
Vohra batted strongly for tough and targeted action by security forces to check violence.
"For the past several months our security forces have been successfully carrying out targeted counter terrorist operations. While they shall engage in such operations whenever it is necessary to do so, it is hoped that these shall involve the least possible collateral damage to the lives and properties of innocent persons," he said.
He also hailed the role of the brave hearts of Army, Central Armed Police Forces and the J&K Police who have been operating in the most difficult circumstances and laying down their lives in the fight against terror and violence.
He said that while the valour and sacrifices made by our police personnel cannot ever be viewed in monetary terms, the government has, to express it unbounded gratitude, taken several measures for further enhancing the welfare of our policemen and their families.
"Side by side, recognising the serious visual disabilities suffered by youth who received pellet injuries, government has decided to rehabilitate them and mitigate their sufferings to the maximum possible extent," he added.

The governor said that the government is aware of the growing aspirations of our students, some of whom have secured outstanding achievements in academics, sports and many other fields.

"As regards our youth who have been influenced and misled into deviating from the path, the government remains committed to weaning them away from the purveyors of violence," he said.
Vohra said the real battle is "not on the streets but to combat and counter the deviation of the younger generation from the inherited values of our society".
The governor also urged lawmakers to make "some resolutions" in the New Year to advance the development of "our people and our state".
He said "let us resolve that from now onwards the problems faced in recent years" will not be allowed to become a baggage for the future, and added that the anxieties of the people will be replaced by aspirations of a prosperous future.
"I hope that 2018 shall be the harbinger of an era of peace which shall enable rapid growth and development of the state and foster harmonious social relations across the length and breadth of Jammu and Kashmir," he told lawmakers.
He outlined the development-related programmes undertaken by the Union and the state governments.
On the return of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley, he said the Prime Minister's package has been a key initiative aimed at ensuring the return of Kashmiri Pandits.
Vohra said the government was committed to look after the Kashmiri Pandits, who chose to stay when their brethren left the Valley during the period when militancy peaked.

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