Ambardar's scooty rides

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/3/2018 12:14:56 AM

JAMMU: It was an unusual sight Tuesday morning when dressed in a white 'pheran', BJP legislator Surinder Ambardar arrived sitting astride a two-wheeler at the state legislature, sending a clear message against 'VIP culture' and traffic chaos in the city.
The member of state council taking the ride sans any cavalcade drove a scooty from his residence at Bohri to the state legislature, drawing mixed reactions on the social media, with many hailing the BJP leader, while others termed it a "publicity stunt".
"I rode on a scooty to send a message that we should shun the VIP culture. Also, it can be a solution to the traffic chaos in the city," Ambardar told reporters outside the state legislature.
"Let all the legislators, important persons, politicians, bureaucrats and even ministers use two-wheelers once or twice a week, to give respite to public from traffic problems caused by VIP culture", he said.
Reacting to the video on Facebook, Geelani Shakeel wrote, "Other legislators can do the same... at least they can do it once in a week".
Another FB user said, "Time for others to say no to cavalcade".
Some of the netizens said it was a great initiative for ending VIP culture and a good solution to traffic woes, while others said Ambardar's action was "publicity stunt and a photo opportunity".

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