Security Cover at Gulshan Ground: Whose 'baby' is it?
Clueless J&K Police shifts blame after DySP's car stolen
Sumit Sharma. Updated: 1/3/2018 12:11:05 AM

JAMMU: Blame game within State Police Department started with one wing shifting ball in the court of others regarding the responsibility of security check up after a private car of a Deputy Superintendent was stolen from Gazetted Officers (GO) Mess, situated in the high security zone at Gulshan Ground.
The theft which proves hollow Police's claim of Jammu being safe for its people, especially when the car was stolen only at an arm's length of Police Headquarters, located in the high security grid, was followed by even greater drama as none is the department is up for taking responsibility.
The incident took place on December 30, 2017 when DySP Zulfkar along with his colleagues- senior police officers, had visited to the GO Mess for supper. As they came out, they were in for the utter shock, as DySP's vehicle was missing from the parking lot at the GO Mess.
His other colleagues, mostly DySPs and SPs, raised alert and lodged complaint with the Gandhi Nagar Police Station. The messages were also flashed through PCR.
The car was, however, finally recovered from Satwari area. It is assumed that the thief had, accidently, rammed the car of DySP with the pathway at Satwari area and in fear of being caught, he left the car and fled from the spot.
However, things took an interesting turn as The News Now started investigation and sought police's action against those who at the helm of affairs are responsible for loose security, only to find that none in the police department takes the responsibility of theft in security zone area.
"Policemen deployed at GO Mess do not belong to the district police, better to make contact to the Armed Wing as security at GO Mess is its 'baby'," said a senior police officer from District Police Jammu.
DIG Armed Vijay Kumar who happens to be the General Secretary of the GO Mess expressed his unfamiliarity with the incident. He, however, said that if it had happened then District Police Jammu should crack the theft case down.
Further, the police's tall claim of security could be gauged from the fact that the CCTV cameras installed in and around the GO Mess at Gulshan Ground were also found not working. The security lacunae came to fore when the police from concerned police station rushed to the GO Mess to take the footage of the CCTV cameras to crack the theft case.

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