CJ urges honesty from newly appointed Munsiffs

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/2/2018 2:31:42 PM

Jammu, Jan 2: State Judicial Academy today organised Induction Training Programme for newly appointed Munsiffs here. The programme was inaugurated by Chief Justice J&K Badar Durrez Ahmed, alongwith Justice Alok Aradhe chairman J&K State Judicial Academy, Justice Janak Raj Kotwal Member J&K State Judicial Academy and Justice M. K. Hanjura Member J&K State Judicial Academy.
All the newly appointed Munsiffs participated in the programme.

Addressing the gathering, Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed said, “There is no competition for a Judge except fairness and sense of doing justice. Being honest is an attribute. If a Judge is called honest he has to be honest that is an attribute. What is the quality of a Judge is that how quickly he disposes cases with fairness and justice, that is the quality. So don’t ever confuse attribute with quality. The sine quo non of a Judge is that he must have very good sense of justice, integrity, sincerity, fairness and he must be dead honest not only to the case but to himself.”
Justice M. K. Hanjura in his address highlighted that the office of Judge is not a matter of status and authority but it is a pious responsibility to be discharged with great care, concern and compassion.
“What is that a common man expects from judiciary? He wants justice - unbiased and expeditious. He cannot and will not appreciate the shortcomings in the system but only wants justice - pure and simple. Therefore I believe that the first step for every new entrant shall be to choose the right direction to reach the ultimate goal of the judiciary, that is, to achieve the true object of Justice For All.”

Justice Janak Raj Kotwal emphasised that the most important function of the Judge is to conduct the proceedings in a fair, orderly and dignified manner.
Justice Alok Aradhe stressed upon the trainee Judges that it is paramount on the part of a judicial officer to constantly remember that at court he is alone. “By this I do not intend to say that you have to suffer from loneliness or melancholia. It only conveys a simple thing i.e. you and you alone are responsible for your own deed and action and to that extent you are alone.”

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