JK government yet to construct 16,000 house hold toilets in state

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/31/2017 11:59:10 AM

Srinagar, Dec 31: As deadline for completion of Swach Bharat Mission in Jammu and Kashmir has been set as March 31, 2018, government is yet to construct more than 16 thousand public toilets across the state.

The figures are hinting that state could possibly miss deadline for implementation of such a project.

According to official records against the approved 37000 Individual House Hold Toilets, (IHHTs) to be constructed in Jammu and Kashmir, there are around 16 thousand toilets yet to be built.

Records also inform that government had earlier set the target of constructing at least 2078 Public Toilets across the state. However, so far there were only 1271 public toilets constructed in the entire state.

As there are merely three months left when deadline for project will be over, there are questions being raised whether concerned department would be able to make it by scheduled time.

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