In its first order, NIA court awards 6-yr RI to 6 in fake currency case

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/31/2017 1:55:27 AM

JAMMU: In its first order, the National Investigating Agency (NIA) court here awarded six-year Rigorous Imprisonment to 6 accused in a fake currency case of 2011.
The accused have been identified as Salim, Shahid Sheikh, Zakir Hussain, Mubarak Ahmed, Shafqat Mohi-ud-Din Kuchey @ Shoukat Ali and Badal Sheikh.
The sentence to the accused was announced by Special Judge NIA Court, Haq Nawaz Zargar.
As per the case history, one January 11, 2011, SHO Janipur along with police officials namely HC Ranjit Singh No. 770/J, HC Balbir Singh No. 886/J, Ct. Mohammad Sadiq No. 1033/J, SGCt Mohinder Singh No. 2689/J, SPO Dalip Singh No. 999 and SPO Suresh Kumar No. 251 were carrying out checking and patrolling in the event of 26th January.
During checking, when SHO P/S Janipur along with other employees reached near High Court Road Chowk at 1230 hrs, four unknown persons appeared in a by-lane, who on seeing the police party started fleeing away.

On observing their suspicious movement, SHO alongwith deputed employees chased them and apprehended them. The four unknown person during running also tried to throw something from their packets. On enquiry, they disclosed their names as Shahid son of Sharief-ul-Sheikh of Bengal, Zaqir Hussain son of Azhar of Bengal, Showkat Ali son of Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din of Kulgam at present Janipur Jammu and Mubarak Hussain son of Mushtaq Ahmed of Shallipur, Kulgam.

All the four persons got searched and during searching, 12 notes of Indian currency of 500 denomination, total Rs. 6000 recovered from accused Shahid, 8 notes of 500 denomination, amounting to Rs. 4000 from Shokat Ali and 25 notes of 1000 denomination amounting to Rs. 25000 along with two leaves of letter of Hizbul Mujahdeen Militant Organization on which, something in Urdu language was written were recovered.

All the four persons disclosed that the currency is similar to Indian currency, but it was fake and they work as courier to handover this currency to militants so that militancy in J&K State could be flourished further.

The recovered material has been seized systematically. On this a docket was prepared and sent to Police Station through Ct. Sadiq Mohd. 1033/ J for lodging FIR against the accused persons. Further on the disclosure statement of A-4, fake currency amounting to Rs 1.10 lakh was recovered from the pillow cover in the rented accommodation.
The SDPO West came on the spot and took over the investigation in hands, after preparing the re-seizure memo of the seizures prepared by SHO, Janipur Jai Pal Sharma. Thereafter, investigation was handed over to NIA.

Special Judge NIA Haq Nawaz Zargar after hearing both the sides observed that Currency is the backbone of any economy and helps people in their day to day transaction, whether commercial or household and its use is indispensable. General acceptability and faith of the public in it are the basic pre requisite of its existence. Presence of the forged or counterfeit currency in any economy can shackle smooth functioning of the economy. In the extreme cases it can also result in loss of people's faith in the currency and thus in the economic system. Penetration of the counterfeit currency notes can affect basic frame of the economic activities and lead the economy to doldrums and awarded six years imprisonment and fine. JNF

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