China warns citizens from visiting India's restricted areas

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/29/2017 2:05:28 AM

BEIJING: Worried over "many" of its citizens being fined, prosecuted and even imprisoned for breaking Indian laws, the Chinese government has told its people to respect local laws and not to go to areas restricted to foreigners.
The warning issued by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi on Thursday comes a day after a media report said that a Chinese citizen, suspected to be a spy, has been detained near the India-Myanmar border in Manipur.
The advisory notes that "recently, many Chinese citizens were successively detained, fined or investigated, prosecuted and even imprisoned by law enforcement authorities on suspicion of violating Indian local laws".
The notice in Mandarin advises Chinese not go to the areas restricted to foreigners without the government's permission.
"Do not buy, do not hold or carry ivory, rhinoceros horn and other contrabands," the warning says.
It also warns them against overstaying visas or working without a legal permit in India.
"The Chinese Embassy in India also hereby reminds the parties concerned that they should cooperate actively with Indian law enforcement and hire solicitors as their first respondent to take positive action and win favourable rulings or judgments."
The embassy said although it was there to safeguard the personal safety of Chinese citizens, it "cannot shield or condone the crime committed by them".

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